The Deceiver and The Deceived is a series of work from 1996-2004 constructed with recycled “tin” cans from post- consumer packaging. The pre-printed steel has recognizable images from our material culture. The relentless messages conveyed in media and advertising about a woman's appearance become a frame of stereotypical roles and limited expectations.

The fan quilt pattern also refers to the use of fans in western society gatherings as a device of flirtatious deception. 

Who is the deceiver and who is the deceived in our society when women are portrayed as “pure, alluring, refreshing, and delicious, good as homemade?”


The strong connection between traditional crafts, “women’s work” and the home are devalued in our society.

The Me Too Movement, and gender equity issues in the news are all a reflection of a larger dynamic that men have been in positions of power. It is not easy to deconstruct  these issues to reinvent the future.