Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen


Multiple triangles fabricated from pre-printed, recycled steel containers. The images of women are vintage decals. The pre-printed steel is cut, folded, and riveted together.  The center "mirror" is oxidized tin cans. It is reflective, but tarnished. 

Like much of my work this mirror is both autobiographical, and  universal. How many times have you felt strong, powerful and beautiful until you looked in the mirror? How does this affect our self esteem when we compare ourselves to the images of women from media advertising, magazines, television and movies. They have professional photographers, lighting, professional make-up, hair stylists, and wardrobe consultants.

22.50" height   x   19.75" width   x   .50" depth

This wall frame is available for purchase or exhibition.

Retail price: $2,500


 © Harriete Estel Berman, 1996