Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Statement written around the tin can mirror in lettering from recycled tin cans: 

Can't stand that person in the mirror, Make me over, paint my face, airbrush my blemish, color my hair, Botox my wrinkles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, erase the circles under my eyes, tattoo my lips, pencil my brows, masque my imperfections, whiten my teeth, soft focus, perfect lighting. Am I visibly firm? Is there an age defying complex?

Consuming Identity mirror Can't stand that person in the mirror close up

Frame constructed from recycled materials specifically tin cans and vintage steel dollhouses, stainless steel screws, aluminum rivets, 10 k. gold rivets. Magnifying mirror (center) surrounded by an oval "mirror" constructed from the shiny bottoms of recycled tin containers. 

Lettering on the mirror from recycled tin containers. 
       33.25" height
       25"     width
       1.5"    depth (approximate) 

This wall frame is available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail price: $16,000
This mirror was designed to be displayed with the vanity seat (shown below left) which is now in the Permanent Collection of the Racine Art Museum. It took me so many years to solve all the fabrication problems for this very complicated mirror that the vanity seat and the mirror are now separated. 


Identity Complex Mirror is on view in an exhibition at the Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame, CA 

 © Harriete Estel Berman, 2002-04