Domestic Blues

from the Series: The Deceiver and The Deceived

Frame wall piece constructed from recycled materials, specifically tin cans and vintage steel dollhouses.  

This wall sculpture is from the series, The Deceiver and The Deceived, which utilizes a fan quilt pattern.  

The arrangement of the women alludes to the strong connection between traditional crafts, “women’s work” and the home. The fan quilt pattern also refers to the use of fans in western society as a device for flirtatious deception. The relentless messages conveyed in media and advertising about a woman's appearance reveals an questionable aspect of our consumer culture. Who is the deceiver and who is the deceived in our society when women are portrayed as “pure, alluring, refreshing, and delicious, good as homemade?”

10.75" height x 10.75" width x 1.5" depth

This is one of my favorites of the wall pieces. I think that the blue lady is how you feel when you have two small children and are home alone all the time taking care of them. That was how I felt at the time. 

This wall piece is available for purchase or exhibition.  
Retail price: $1,200