The quilt patterns allude to traditional crafts, “women’s work”, and the home.  Each piece is cut with pinking shears leaving sharp points and irregular edges, this quilt represents both an icon of comfort and painful realities.  The pieces actually fit together perfectly, but, much like every day life, the best laid plans become disrupted and don’t quite fit together.  Like the to do lists of everyday life, the title says …  Six foot metal wall sculpture based on quilt patterns hangs on the wall. Constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans; aluminum rivets.
Thought it appears to be flat in the photo, the quilt pieces are lifted up and going in all directions. 

6.5' height x 6.5' width x 4.5" depth

INSTALLATION: Ships in four boxes and installs easily in five units on the wall. It is not heavy weighing about 5-7 lbs per unit. 

This wall piece is available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail price: $14,000


 © Harriete Estel Berman, 1997-1998