The California Collection is a series of three-dimensional fruit crate labels and art jewelry bracelets constructed from recycled tin cans. The images and repurposing of post consumer material reflect upon California as both the archetypal consumer culture and a leader in the recycling movement and green design.  All work is a political and social commentary.

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Fruit crate labels were actually invented by California growers as an early 20th century promotion for California produce.

The fruit crate labels symbolize California’s agricultural industry of fruits and vegetables, that now bloom with inventions and technology ventures. 

Bermaid is a signature identity for the artist's name Berman. It is used on most of the fruit crate labels with as a feature of the label or smaller in the bottom right hand corner. 

Bermaid is a play on words. First, the artist's name – Berman – is not a very good name for a feminist.  Using “maid” instead of “man” indicates the artist is a woman and is a pun on “made”, as in made by hand.