Golden Girl



Golden Girl

Three bracelets displayed in a custom made wooden fruit crate. Bracelets and fruit crate label constructed from recycled tin cans, 10k gold rivets, aluminum rivets.

Dimensions of fruit crate: 6 1/2" H x 16 5/8" W x 6 3/4" D

Fruit crate label constructed from recycled tin cans, aluminum rivets, 10k gold rivets. 

Dimensions of label: 5 15/16” H X 16” W X 3/4” D



Golden Girl Bracelets  - "Mrs. Fields,"  "Jazzercise," and "Barbie" bracelets.  

In this case, the Golden Girls of California are Judi Sheppard Missett, inventor of Jazzercise in San Diego, Ca.; Mrs. Fields, inventor of the cookie company franchise which started in Palo Alto, Ca.; and Barbie, the infamous doll and golden girl invented by Ruth Handler which later became Mattel in Southern California. 

Retail Price:   $6,850
For complete set of three bracelets, and fruit crate with label. 


Golden Girl from "BERMAID, the California Collection" is a series of bracelets and the fruit labels. 

Constructed from recycled tin cans, these humble materials are cut and riveted with layers of images and symbolism of California. The reuse of post consumer material reflects California as both the ultimate consumer culture and the leader in the recycling movement and  green design. 

The bracelets symbolize the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of California. California exports ideas as well as products from its fertile valleys.




The Golden Girl fruit crate label constructed from recycled tin cans was inspired by this vintage fruit crate label (left).