My mezuzot are constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans inspired by the concept of tikkun olam - meaning "to repair the world." Environmental awareness should not be something remembered one day each year, but incorporated into our daily practices.

Each time you walk past this mezuzah to the outside,  it could remind us to to be conscious of the impact that we have on the world and the issues of sustainability.

As you re-enter your homes, these mezuzot could remind us to consider how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle.          

These Mezuzot should be displayed on an interior door frame. The material may rust or fade if exposed to weather. 

Every mezuzah is one-of-a-kind pattern in a unique, contemporary, faceted design and only available on my website. 

There are two designs:

  • Fixed back with non-kosher scroll inserted.           Retail Price  $75 for 6"      $95 for 7.25"
  • Sliding back for a kosher scroll to be inserted.      Retail Price $175 for 6"

Both designs hang securely from two small nails. You can see the back in the left photo below. 

Contact me through my website to purchase a mezuzah.



Commission me, Harriete Estel Berman to make a Mezuzot in the colors, patterns, products or advertising images that are meaningful to you. I have 1,000's of tins in my studio.

Looking for a 10th Anniversary gift in tin? 

Commission a custom made mezuzah or purchase a design already shown on this website. 
Contact me for a larger selection of mezezot that I may not have posted on my website. 

Every mezuzah is one-of-a-kind mezuzah constructed from pre-printed steel from recycled tin cans.

There is a new style with a sliding back that is perfect for inserting a Kosher scroll (not included.) These are $175.

The older style mezezah has a fixed back with a non-kosher scroll already inserted. $75 - $95.