Identity Complex  vanity seat constructed from  recycled

Identity Complex Vanity Seat  

Identity Complex Vanity Seat is chair #3 in the Identity Series                                                                    2002

Constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans, stainless steel screws, aluminum rivets, 10 k gold rivets, sterling silver rivets.  While the seat looks puffy and fabric like, it is also constructed from  post consumer recycled tin cans.

18.6” height  of chair back
16” width at the widest part of the legs
16” depth at the widest part of the legs



Lettering under the seat from recycled tin containers

Identity Complex Vanity seat  red tin cushion

Identity Complex Vanity Seat Cushion is fabricated from recycled tin cans.

The cushion is not fabric even though I did my very best to duplicate the appearance and construction of a fabric cushion. You can see that it was made from a "Queen's" cookie tin which is the most boring tin ever, but perfect for the vanity seat, a kind of throne to aspirations of beauty.

Identity Complex vanity seat close-up of cushion made from tin

Text Underneath the Vanity Seat Cushion for Identity Complex

Identity Complex Vanity Seat lettering underside the cushion

Underneath the vanity seat cushion it says: "Can’t stand that person in the mirror, Make me over, paint my face, airbrush my blemish, color my hair, Botox my wrinkles, reduce the appearance of fine lines, erase the circles under my eyes, tattoo my lips, pencil my brows, masque my imperfections,  whiten my teeth, soft focus, perfect lighting, Am I visibly firm?  Is there an age defying complex?"

This is all written in recycled tin cans and riveted on with 10k gold rivets.

Looking under the Identity Complex seat cushion
underside of vanity seat cushion

Writing on the inside of the legs of the vanity seat Identity Complex

Written on the inside of the legs in lettering from recycled tin cans.

Leg 1  Beauty magazines make me feel ugly.

Leg 2  My breasts are too big, my breasts are too small

Leg 3  Big pores, dry skin, age spots and wrinkles

Leg 4  My waist is too thick and I hate my thighs

text on leg of Vanity seat Identity Complex