Custom made paintbox with individual brooches made from post consumer recycled tin cans. This series was inspired by going to conferences which seemed to be filled with Words Like Winter Snowflakes.

The paint box is incredibly challenging form to construct using a hydraulic press and shaping the tin cans to look just like a kids watercolor box. This series of work is available for exhibition or purchase. Look at the multiple views below for closer inspection. 

Retail Price for this box and pins: $900. All future boxes will be much more expensive as these were my first test of the idea.

You can see the top view of the paint box below. The box is 11" width and 5" depth. 


Pins shown in the paint box below are assembled from multiple layers of tin cans with 10k gold rivets, and brass rivets with brass pinbacks.The individual letters are cut from reycled tin cans. In the view below, you can see the lid open and the pins placed in the paintbox .


Below you can see a larger view of the pins removed from the paintbox. Each one of the pins can be worn separately as a brooch or put together in different combinations. The pin that says WORDS is 3 1/2 " wide, just to give you an example


Words Like Winter Snowflakes #2
    .75" height
    11" width
    5" depth

Materials: 10k gold rivets, brass and steel screws, brass pinbacks.

Custom made paintboxes with pins available by commission at $3,000 and up.
View of the bottom of the box. Look closerly to see the iron hallmark, name of the artist and date stamped into the box.