The Professional Guidelines were written to help anyone learn how to handle common but important situations that come up in every artist's career. The purpose is to help artists achieve improved business practices and begin to standardize professional practices.

Thirty years of experience has taught me a lot, often through the school of hard knocks. Then I began to wonder, does everyone have to learn the hard way? Why can't I share my years of hard earned experience to help others? Why can't WE help each other to avoid mistakes?

Why aren't artists pro-active rather than reactive in their professional experiences? My first conversations at the end of 2000 have resulted in eight years of intense work with an esteemed committee representing the perspectives of experienced people from a broad spectrum of the art and craft community.

I hope that these documents are helpful to artists, galleries, collectors and art organizations.

View the Professional Guidelines Committee 2001-2009.

Additional information can be found on my blog ASK Harriete

ASK Harriete offers business advice to the arts and crafts communitydiscussing real life issues and questions. Links to the Professional Guidelines offer real world examples how these documents can build your professional experience and develop your livelihood.