Toast to a Bride appliance sculpture

Copper construction with nickel-plated finish. Polished black nylon ends. This is not a found object but constructed by hand as a commentary about the value of manufactured objects. 

Vintage Sunbeam Toaster Ad that inspired the styling for Toast to the Bride

As the toaster opens, the bride (standing on a pedestal of Wonder Bread) rises from the quilted white satin interior. The toast is completely saturated with polyester resin. It should last for a lifetime.

Many of "The Family of Appliances You Can Believe In" were inspired by vintage 20th century ads that "sold" domestic bliss. 

6.5" height x 5" width closed (13" open) x 7" depth

Available for exhibition or purchase.
Retail Price: $7,000

© Harriete Estel Berman, 1982

Vintage ad for Sunbeam Toaster from a mid-20th century women's magazine.

Toast to the Bride will be shown at The Braid Gallery
 Jewish Women's Theater.
January 9, 2017 and continue through March 10, 2017
 2912 Colorado Avenue, Suite 102
Santa Monica, CA 90404  


Left is the announcement and poster.