This series of work is available for purchase or exhibition. 

Retail Price: $950 for this box including the pins. All future pieces in the series will be considerably more because these were the tests for the series.up Custom made paint boxes with pins available by commission at $3,000 and up.

To be Both a Speaker of Words and a Doer of Deeds was included in the book 500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body [A Lark Jewelry Book]  Lark Books, page 113. (CLICK on book for more information.) 



Custom made paint box with individual brooches made from post consumer tin containers. The pins are constructed from multiple layers of tin cans. Each letter is cut from a different can and riveted onto the brooch. Where one pin or several pins all at the same time.

Scroll down to see the pins by themselves (removed from the box), and a better view of the top and bottom. The lettering is cut from recycled tin cans and riveted on to the brassy tin can bottoms. The metallic finish doesn't photograph very well, but the colors are great. You can wear one brooch or several at the same time.


Below is the view of the top of the paint box.


This it the bottom of the paint box constructed from Hunt's Tomato tins.


The dimensions of this paint box titled, To Be Both a Speaker of Words and a Doer of Deeds
11.75" width and 5" depth.