This 3 Blue Bead Necklace is a Black and Blue 4-strand necklace with 2 blue Plexiglas beads, and an orange transparent magnetic bead catch made from recycled tin from post-consumer steel cans; Plexiglas center; brass tubing. Cords are colored electrical wire. The necklace slide over your head easily.

Size range of beads 3.5cm to 7cm diameter

BLUE Necklace is available for exhibition or purchase. 
Retail Price: $495

An image of these bead necklaces is included in the books Art Jewelry Today by Donna Meilach, page 166, Schiffer Books, 2003. CLICK on the books for more information.



Blue Identity 13 Bead Bracelet


Blue Identity Bead Bracelet with 13 beads made from recycled, post-consumer recycled tin cans, transparent blue Plexiglas center; brass tubing; blue polymer clay spacer beads. Clear Stretch cords. Medium size bracelet.

This bracelet is a perfect match with the 3 Blue Bead Necklace above

3.1cm diameter each bead;

12cm diameter entire bracelet                  

Retail Price:  $1,510