Bracelets constructed from recycled tin containers. All bracelets are one-of-a-kind. If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet, I can send you a color copy pattern to "try on" if you want to check the size. 

4.25" to 6.5" diameter  
.25" to .75" depth

Retail Prices listed below: 

  1. Round Orange & Black "Schmidt" #10.18.1         $597
  2. Thin Round Green and Black       #7.19.3           $416
  3. Thin Round Purple & Gold           #8.6.3            $303
  4. Round "Established 1842"                                  SOLD
  5. Round Orange w/hexagon wrist                         SOLD


See images and detailed descriptions below.

Round Orange & Black"Schmidt"



Round Orange & Black"Schmidt"
Retail Price: $597


Thin Round Purple & Gold Retail






Thin Round Purple & Gold
Retail Price: $303






Round, green, black, gold, white thick stripes with black Kanji lettering
Reverse side: “Hershey’s Fun Tin Assorted Miniatures” with balloons on black & white checkerboard floor
Outside edge: Black and green, very thin bracelet
Inside wrist: Green & purple superhero cartoon figures torsos; oval, curved pinks
Retail Price: $416






© Harriete Estel Berman 2003