The Deceiver and the Deceived shows women in roles using fan quilt pattern

In “The Deceiver and the Deceived” the fan quilt pattern refers to the use of fans in western society as a kind of flirtatious deception.  This parallels the messages about a woman's appearance from our consumer culture. The images were all found on recycled tin cans for food packaging.

Women in a fan quilt pattern depicting women's roles.

Who is the deceiver and who is the deceived in our society when women are portrayed as “pure, alluring, refreshing, and delicious, good as homemade?”

Printed steel from vintage doll houses and recycled tin containers, aluminum rivets.

The Deceiver and the Deceived images of women in roles.

12.75" height x 13.5" width x 13.5" depth      Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Retail Price: $7,500

This sculpture is available for purchase or exhibition.