The teacups titled Consuming Conversation are a variant edition of 200 cups constructed from recycled tin cans from 2001-2003 as a commentary about our consumer society. Each cup has a different product identity. It symbolizes the fact that we go shopping as social interaction and entertainment.

On the top of each cup are words or comments inspired by advertising. Each letter is cut from various tin cans. Tinted resin fills each cup to almost overflowing as if it were filled with "tea", a metaphor for the overabundance in our society.

A concealed rod holds each stack of cups together in a precarious position. A position mirrored in our current economy of overspending and consuming without regard to realistic finances.

Pre-printed steel from recycled "tin containers", sterling silver and brass handles, 10 k. gold rivets. 

2 5/8" height for a cup and saucer
5" diameter of a saucer
12" height for stack

cup:  black and white checker
saucer:  “See’s Famous Lollypops”
cup level:  “Sweet Anticipation of Inspiration”
cup:   “Julie’s Dynasty”     
saucer:  chartreuse with ingredients list
cup level:  “I am at your command with light up dome and action” cup: “Bafflers Premium Edition”
saucer:  “Bafflers cardinal”
cup level:  “Games of Life Trivial Pursuit”

cup:  “B” red with popcorn and makeup
saucer: “B” red with popcorn
cup level:  “Buy one This is an Authentic Original One”

cup:  “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”
cup level: “Dangers…Free! 25% More”

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price: $3,200