Variant edition of 200 cups constructed from recycled tin cans from 2001-2003.
Each cup has a different product identity. 
Sterling silver or brass handles, gold rivets.

On the top of each cup are words or comments inspired by advertising. Each letter is cut from a tin can.

Tinted resin fills each cup to overflowing as if it were filled with "tea". 

A concealed rod holds each stack of cups together in a precarious position. Not unlike our current economy which has been severly impacted by overspending and consuming without regard for realistic finances.

Each cup is unique. 
2 5/8” height approx
5 ½” width approx.

Height of the teacups and the retail price vary according to how many cups there are in the stack.

Watch the video "The Fabrication Process" to see how the cups were assembled along with the social commentary about our consumer society.


Available for purchase or exhibiton.
Retail Price: $4,900