21”H x 6.5”W x 8”D

cup: “Amaretti Virginia” fruit candies illustration on light blue; demitasse w. brass handle  134/200

saucer: same

cup level: “Save Secrets for a cup of tea” on vintage Hollywood movie poster w. woman & man’s face, resin fill

cup: “William Sonoma Licorice Scottie Dogs”  on red & black plaid; demitasse w. brass handle  137/200

saucer: same


cup level: brown tin

cup:  Victorian illustration collage of children on gold; brass handle  118/200

saucer: “Peace on Earth”  two angels on striped gold

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Pure Sesame Seed” white lettering with Japanese kanji and green plant design; 

grandemug w. silver handle  108/200


saucer: same

cup level: brown tin


cup:  1920’s couple & gardener scenes framed by pink roses & gold borders; grande mug w. brass handle 115/200

saucer:  “Sorini” red w. gold accents and pink roses

cup level: “Do you want a better price or more value”


cup:  “Chocolates & Confections” purple lettering on yellow cross-stitch; brass handle  111/200

saucer: “Whitman’s Sampler”  yellow cross-stitch pattern with flowers

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Nestle Toll House Cookies”  suburban house and cookies illustration on dark turquoise demitasse w. silver handle 139/200

saucer: same

cup level: “Comments or Questions” on off-white house with bushes illustration, resin & glitter fill


cup: “Amaretti di Saronno”  red & orange & white; brass handle   87/200

saucer: same

cup level:  brown tin


cup: “Wonderful Denmark” white lettering on dark blue; brass handle  123/200

saucer: “Wonderful Denmark Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies” sailboats and cookies photo on dark blue

cup level: brown resin

Available for purchase or exhibiton. 

Retail Price: $5,400