Conversation C                          

19.5”H x 9.75”W x 9.25”D

cup: “Snacktime” colorful lettering on yellow square pattern; demitasse w. silver handle  125/200

saucer: ”Chex mix Snacktime!” yellow with checker pattern

cup level: 2 white clock faces floating in brown resin & glitter


cup: “ 100% Filled Confections”  colorful hard candies photo; silver handle  145/200

saucer: same

cup level: same candies cut-out onto brown tin, resin fill


cup: “Lovingly gift pack”  gold lettering on pink & orange flowers; grande mug w. brass handle   109/200

saucer: same

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Amaretti Virginia”  Victorian girl w. box of candies illustration on light blue background; brass handle 144/200

saucer: same

cup level: candy cut out on brown tin, resin fill


cup:  “Thurber” mini vintage illustrations of grapes, pear, blueberries on tan pattern; brass handle  114/200

saucer:  “HK & FB Thurber & Co. Bartlett Pears”  vintage illustration on tan pattern

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Barnum’s Animals” animals in cages on red & yellow; demitasse w. brass handle  132/200

saucer: same

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Lipton Soothing Moments Herbal Tea” pale green w. fruit & herb images; silver handle   113/200

saucer: same

cup level: ”Discover” credit card with resin fill


cup: “Celestial Seasonings” “Celebrating tea time”  ladies having tea on red; brass handle   90/200

saucer: “Original Double Chocolate Chip”  cookies w. M&Ms on red

cup level: brown resin

Available for purchase or exhibiton.
Retail Price: $4,900