Consuming Conversation Cups:  
Orange Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Teacup with yellow lettering 2001
Lliquid level says: “They tell delicious lies” 

The Artist garden at Givereny (impressionist painting in pinks, purples and green printed on tin) Liquid level: “When did all this light begin following me around”

Cup with planets, stars and falling star, Saucer: Hey Diddle Diddle, with cow and man                         
Liquid level:  “A star that dies still holds a powerful attraction”           

Heavenly Coffee Cup
Lliquid level: “Dark energy causes me to accelerate” 

Walt Disney World Teacup

Pre-printed steel from recycled "tin containers", sterling silver and brass handles, gold rivets. Each teacup has a magnet inside so they can be rearranged. Each cup is unique. 

2 5/8" height for a cup and saucer
5" diameter of a saucer
11.5" height of a stack of five cups

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price for stack five cups: $3,200