19”H x 8.25”W x 8.25”D

cup: “Wolfgang Candies” crème
cup level: “Made with the finest trash unexcelled Enjoy the Assortment” ; 10k gold rivets, resin

cup: “Café Chupa Chu” black & marigold linocut demitasse
liquid level: “Add Beauty to New Directions” 

cup: “Pure Sugar” dark grey with maroon and gold demitasse
liquid level: “It’s all in the details” 

cup: “Elton Stone Ground Flour” dark teal and gold
liquid level: “Inspiration is a Fragile moment”

cup: “Poppycock super popcorn” brick building with people w. brass handle
liquid level: “Let us tell you more call Toll Free” 

cup: “Coca Cola” vintage advertising in light red, aqua, black, 
liquid level: “Made with quality components celebrating tin metal”

cup: “Irish Mist” grey outdoor town scene 18th century. 
liquid level: “Did you read my email filled with self doubt”

cup: “Walkers pure butter Shortbread Centenary Selection” red plaid 

Variant edition of 200 teacups constructed from pre-printed steel from recycled tin containers, sterling silver and brass handles, 10k gold and brass rivets. 

2.5" height of a cup and saucer
5" diameter of a saucer
12" height for stack of five cups

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price for stack of cups: $3,200