Conversation D

17.75”H x 8”W x 8”D

cup: “Stauffer’s Animal Crackers”  red, yellow, blue carousel; demitasse w. silver handle  131/200

saucer: same

cup level: 3D plastic Snoopy with present in resin


cup:  "York Peppermint Patti" silver and blue; silver handle 146/200

saucer:   same

cup level:  “Get the sensation” with Batman


cup:  “Thurber Blueberries” vintage illustration on tan pattern; demitasse w. brass handle    77/200

saucer: same

cup level: brown


cup: “Golden Light Crunchy Hawaiian Kettle” white lettering on dark turquoise; brass handle  105/200

saucer: same

cup level: “Have an Absolutely Divine Day” on brown tin with resin fill


cup: “Original home goodness”  toll house morsels on red; brass handles  83/200

saucer:  “the great American”  Hershey’s milk chocolate pretzels factory illustration

cup level: brown tin


cup: “Boston’s Chinese Tea” blue & white with blue Asian floral & dragon pattern; silver handle   95/200

saucer: same

cup level: brown tin


cup:  “Original Double Chocolate Chip” cookies in red; brass handle72/200

saucer: “Original Double Chocolate Chip” cookies with M&Ms in red

cup level:  brown resin

Available for purchase or exhibiton.
Retail Price: $4,300