14.5”H x 12.5”W x 10”D

  • 1st stack: 

cup: Stainless Steel Magic in yellow
liquid level: “Polish your self esteem” 

cup: Danish Butter cookies, purple and blue
liquid level: “Elusive promises made without reasoning”

cup: Mr.Peanut scenario in living room reading a book to a child
liquid level: “Limited Edition/ Question the value added by corporate symbols/ First in a series” 

cup: Blue swirling fabric
liquid level: “The curtain of tin transforms our visions”
Pre-printed steel from recycled “tin containers”, brass handle, gold rivets, concealed magnet 

cup: Checkerboard red and black
liquid level: “Skill masters the game of chance” 

cup: smaller image cut up Renoir painting of women and child
liquid level: “Will museum quality reproductions guarantee that this product is as good as the original”

  • 2nd stack:

cup: Movie tin with flickering image of fearful ladies
liquid level: “Change directions” 

cup: Fiberglass Magic in green
liquid level: “Magic Magic promised available all year round”

cup:  Famous painting of girl in grass repeated around cup
liquid level: “Seek a thoughtful journey of discovery"

Pre-printed steel from recycled "tin containers", sterling silver and brass handles, gold rivets. Each teacup has a magnet inside so they can be rearranged. Each cup is unique. 

2 5/8" height for a cup and saucer
5" diameter of saucer
14" height for the tallest stack of cups

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price for nine individual cups: $5,400