Conversation F

11.75”H x 6.75”W x 6.75”D


cup: “Maxwell House Cafe” building with red brick; demitasse w. silver handle   136/200

saucer: city winter scene w. Maxwell house cup sign in browns

cup level: “Fluid Moments change time” on yellow clock face illustration, resin fill


cup: “Caprice Viennese Wafers” blue with white & brown wafers photo; demitasse w. brass handle  103/200

saucer: same

cup level: “Awaken Desire” on brown tin with resin fill


cup: “Rice” blue lettering on orange & gold pattern; brass handle  124/200

saucer: “Uncle Ben’s 40th Anniversary” blue lettering on orange & gold pattern

cup level: blue metallic AOL tin 


cup: “Botticelli” truffles w. seashells on black; demitasse w. brass handle  133/200

saucer: same

cup level: brown tin


cup:  “Muscat Grapes”  vintage illustration on tan pattern; brass handle  76/200

saucer: same

cup level:  brown resin


Available for purchase or exhibiton.
Retail Price: $3,200