Like recurring conversations with friends over cups of tea or coffee, this variant edition of 200 cups responds to and reflects on the consuming conversation of our consumer society. 

Diverted from a destiny as trash, the recycled tin containers are deconstructed, cut, folded and reassembled. Beginning with post-consumer material they revitalize the mundane into the extraordinary.

Conspicuous consumption as a cultural norm flourishes in the rapid-fire pace of changing styles, models, and merchandising – and even influences the marketing of art and craft. My work questions whether creativity, content, and craftsmanship are becoming yet another disposable commodity.

Most importantly, the use of recycled packaging as a medium and source of content addresses a spectrum of social and political issues. Hopefully, this work transforms the viewers’ awareness of their participation and challenges their own complacency.

Variant edition of 200 teacups constructed from pre-printed steel from recycled tin containers, sterling silver and brass handles, 10k gold and brass rivets. Every stack of cups (in this image) are permanently arranged on a concealed rod.

2.5" height for a cup and saucer
5" diameter for a saucer

This image of cups is featured in a full page image in the book Manufractured by Mara Holt Skov and Steven Skov Holt. An entire chapter of the book features my work. CLICK ON BOOK to see more information. 

Prices vary for each stack of cups. 
Available for purchase or exhibition.

Starting from far left stack of cups: 

Conversation K     $4,300    17" height - 7 cups
Conversation E     $5,400    21" height - 9 cups
Conversation G     $4,900   18.75" height - 8 cups
Conversation B     SOLD
Conversation H     SOLD