Fuchsia and black plastic bracelet constructed from post consumer plastic waste.
Photo Credit: Aryn Shelander Model: Jen Ohara

Photo Credit: Aryn Shelander Model: Jen Ohara

Recycle Fushia Bracelet with Black Accent constructed from post consumer recycled plastic. Pink plastic is HDPE (Polyethylene) from shampoo bottles. Black is from recycled take out tray. Button catch. 

This bracelet is from the Recycle Collection


This one of kind necklace is easy to wear despite it fragile appearance. The cut plastic is soft, durable and tough. 

Bracelet closed: 9” H  x  12”W  x  12” D, 9” length
Bracelet: 23cm Hx30cm Wx30cm D,   23cm length 
Retail Price: $2400.

Inventory #11BR/PkBr.


©  Harriete Estel Berman, 2011