Lice: Insect Born Diseases or Obesity

I am still deciding between insect born diseases or obesity as a modern plague.

 such as Malaria carried by mosquitoes and Lyme Disease carried by ticks could be considered a modern plague. Why? We have prevention, treatment and cure of Malaria yet it still kills a huge number of people every year. Malaria is increased when the shady rain forest is cleared for farming disrupting the breeding grounds of mosquitoes.

The spread of Lyme disease has been caused by man's impact on the environment. Environmental disruption is a major contribution to many of the modern plagues. 

Another options might be OBESITY. Lots to say about that topic, but to consider that the next generation will have a shorter life span than their parents is a significant symptom and definitely a modern plague.   


The Idea Behind

Images and sketches coming  in a couple of months.

Feature 2

Still in the planning stages.

Feature 3

Still in the planning stages.

Behind the Scene - all in my head.