Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Printed steel from vintage steel doll houses and recycled tin containers, brass, aluminum rivets, paint.

Each side is a traditional quilt pattern inspired by a children's game board. Game boards include:

  • Candyland/ Fan quilt pattern
  • Tic-tac-toe/ Nine Square quilt pattern
  • Chess/checkers/ Small Square quilt pattern
  • Backgammon/ Triangle pattern

On the top of this sculpture is a Parcheesi Board or the quilt pattern Robbing Peter to Pay Paul. There are four images of women's power - a fantasy character, sports athlete, Wonder Woman, and women serving food. Materials are recycled tin cans, and vintage steel dollhouses. The black triangles are painted steel. 

Patterns of Position and Possession has four women on top in semblence to Parchesi, and quilt patterns

16" height x 16" width x 16.5" depth 

This sculpture is available for purchase or exhibition. 

Retail price: $7,750

Photo Credit:
Philip Cohen

 © Harriete Estel Berman, 1995