This chocolate pot is based on a historical, sterling silver chocolate pot, dated 1760 by Zachariah Brigden (1734-1787) of Boston.

In the 18th century, chocolate was an exotic drink praised for its healthy attributes. Casanova imbibed hot chocolate before his infamous exploits, touting chocolate's aphrodisiac properties.

Today, chocolate lovers admit to their cravings while scientists research the effects of chocolates active components.


Obverse Obsession  
Chocolate pot constructed using pre-printed steel from recycled tin containers, sterling silver handle details and "kiss" finial, 10k gold, sterling silver and aluminum rivets, aluminum foil over plastic core, brass pins, stainless steel screws, acrylic. 

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price:  $32,000



My grande-sized, 21st century version standing at 23" tall is covered in chocolate packaging. The top and bottom edges use aluminum wrapped over a plastic core to mimic the silver foil of chocolate wrappers. The sterling silver finial has a chased and repoussé sterling silver "kiss". The words of the chocolate tins on the exterior surface have been altered to include the active components of chocolate such as caffeine, theobromine, and serotonin, in addition to popular sexual stimulants such as Cialis and Viagra (see image below.) 


© Harriete Estel Berman 2005