Misstress of the Home Bound to Modern Convenience       


Copper construction with painted or plastic coated surface. This is constructed by hand using my extensive metalworking skills and is NOT a found object.

Fabric vacuum cleaner bag is formed around a plastic doll. Her hands extend beyond the bag as if hand cuffed to the vacuum cleaner handle.
Plexiglas window.
Bottom of the vacuum cleaner base reads: "beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans".  This is also a reference to domestic violence and how many times victims are trapped in a sitation that they can not escape.

27" height x 7" width x 8" depth


Misstress to the Home Bound by Modern Convenience continues to resonate every day.  When my computer or phone breaks or simply get frozen, even for a moment, we quickly realize the tyranny that technology has in our lives as just one example. This article from The New York Times "The Tyranny of Convenience" illuminates us on the impact that convenience has had on lives.  

Available for exhibition or purchase.
Retail Price: $5,000


© Harriete Estel Berman, 1981