Misstress of the Home Bound to Modern Convenience       

Mistress of the Home Bound to Modern Convenience vacuum cleaner sculpture

Mistress to the Home Bound by Modern Convenience is a sculpture that is hand fabricated using traditional metalsmithing skills to resemble a manufactured appliance. It comments on the value our consumer society places on purchasing manufactured objects to create our identity of abundance.

Misstress to the Home Bound by Modern Convenience continues to resonate every day.  When my phone breaks, printer jams or my computer freezes, even for a moment, we quickly realize the tyranny that technology has in our lives as just one example. This article from The New York Times "The Tyranny of Convenience" illuminates us on the impact that convenience has had on lives.  

Mistress of the Home Bound to Modern Convenience sculpture that looks like a Hoover Upright vacuum

The sculpture is a Copper construction with painted or plastic coated surface. This is constructed by hand using my extensive metalworking skills and is NOT a found object.

Fabric vacuum cleaner bag is formed around a plastic doll. Her hands extend beyond the bag as if hand cuffed to the vacuum cleaner handle.
Plexiglas window.

Beats as it sweeps as it cleans sculpture

Bottom of the vacuum cleaner base reads: "beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans".  This is also a reference to domestic violence, violence against women and how many times victims are trapped in a situation that they can not escape. The #metoo movement tries to address the vulnerability of women who are often vulnerable to manipulation by men in power and superior position.

27" height x 7" width x 8" depth

Available for exhibition or purchase.
Retail Price: $5,000


© Harriete Estel Berman, 1981