Recycled materials including: wood floor, yardsticks, rulers, tin cans for "spelling list" on desk, canvas for custom made straight jacket, buckles, 3rd grade desk and chair.10k. gold rivets. Printed banner and graphic. 
Dimensions: 7.5'H x 10’W x 7’D 

This sculpture is available for purchase or exhibition.

NOTE CARD for Measuring Compliance

Measuring Compliance NOTECARD. 
Available for purchase with off white envelope included.
6" height x 4.25" wide (opens twice to 12.75"width)
10 for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping

California residents add sales tax. 

Measuring Compliance Poster 18" x 12"
Available for purchase. $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping.

A POSTER or NOTECARD are available for purchase. Put the poster up in your faculty lounge, give it to your child's teacher. Purchase the card and send it to your principal, administrator, governor, representative or U.S. President. Use the power of art to engage in the conversation. 

18" x 12" poster            $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
6" x 4.25" note card     $25.00 for 10 note cards plus $5.00 shipping 

California residents add sales tax.

Measuring Compliance addresses my parental frustration with the current educational system.


Facing into the corner, the third grade chair sits quietly at the desk. A straitjacket covers the chair symbolizing the necessity for students to conform for success in school. “Sit down and be quiet” and “follow the rules” are more important than creativity and independent thinking.


The floor of rulers, yardsticks and recycled wood is inscribed with quotes relating to academic achievement. The rulers recall an earlier era when students’ knuckles were rapped for disobedience or inattention. G.P.As and standardized test scores are today’s rulers for measuring performance of students, teachers and schools. Teaching towards testing constructs a bell curve of conformity.

Below is an example of a bell curve drawn on an actual ACT Assessment Student Report. 

The name of the student has been obscured for confidentiality but this is how students are compared to each other on standardized tests. This bell curve was used in the panel for Measuring Compliance and Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin.

The ultimate irony is that rulers and yardsticks can be used by artists in creativity; scientists measure to expand the limits of our knowledge. When will our educational system expand the potential of our students rather than measure compliance?

Below is a fascinating presentation by Seth Godin about education. 

© Harriete Estel Berman 2006