Blender body and lid are a painted copper construction by the Harriete Estel Berman. Carefully constructed using sheet metal these appliances are not found objects. 

Ballerina inside the transparent plastic blender container pirouettes in conjunction with the music "Wish Upon A Dream" by a wind-up mechanism.  

15" height x 5" width x 5.5" depth 


Pierced Nu-gold crown on the top of the blender container: Misstress of the Home. Misstress is spelled incorrectly on purpose. I wanted the "MISS" to refer to the Miss America type beauty competitions.


10 Button Panel for Womanizer, Kitchen Queen has a plastic lamination with applied lettering : LOVE, HONOR, OBEY, CHERISH, MIX, BLEND, STIR, CREAM, SPREAD, BEAR.


This sculpture titled Womanizer, Kitchen Queen is available for exhibition and purchase.

For display, a vintage red satin tablecloth embroidered in Harvest Gold thread that says "Kitchen Queen" is available. This is an incredible display, but Womanizer, Kitchen Queen  can also  be shown on a more traditional pedestal with Plexiglas vitrine. 

This sculpture is available for purchase or exhibition. Retail Price: $8,000

Below is a link to a YouTube slide presentation with audio about designing work for shipping illustrating the custom made shipping /storage box for Womanizer, Kitchen Queen. 

Custom Shipping Box /Design Your Work for Shipping by Harriete Estel Berman

View another webinar from Harriete Estel Berman

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