Vintage domestic irons (shown belowsit in my studio as both an iconic form and inspiration for my work.

 Photo Credit: Aryn Shelander

 Photo Credit: Aryn Shelander

Domestic irons are an important symbol as my maker's mark.


My maker's mark is the image of a domestic iron. It looks like exactly like this. 
It even has an electric cord, and plug with two prongs. A maker's mark is the traditional way silversmiths, metalsmiths and jewelers stamped their work indicating the maker of the piece. 

My maker's mark is a pun on the fact that a hallmarking stamp is made from iron (steel) and a tribute to traditional tool of women's work - an iron.

You can see a larger image of this maker's mark below. Scroll down to see examples of my maker's mark on my work. 


My iron maker's mark on actual work.


Campbell's Soup Flower Pin. Actual size is 2 7/8"     

This pin is SOLD but there are many other Flower Pins. 
Look at the Flower Pin Collection  for fabulous examples of my work at modest prices


This is a close-up view of the back for a chair titled Material Identity. 
The hallmark is in the yellow area right above the title. 
I have made two sculptures based on domestic irons as form and metaphor. 
Find more information on the Appliances Sculpture page.


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