Everready Working Woman


Everready Working Woman is not a found object. It is carefully constructed by artist, Harriete Estel Berman, using traditional metalsmithing skills to create an appliance with biting social commentary. 

Details include a real drill chuck in the front, optional mixing beaters, and a Wonder Woman electric cord lariat with suction cup plug at the end. View the spark gun through the yellow plastic window. A lipstick cartridge fits up inside the handle and six-color eye shadow compartment housed in raygun body contains real make-up. 

Copper and brass construction with painted or nickel-plated finish. 


Sterling silver lettering on back dome reads: mixer, raygun, hot air, and drill. Sterling silver letters on the side read: Everready Working Woman.

Everready Working Woman is the consummate autobiographical piece. Though constructed in 1982 it is just as true today as any other day.. I made this peice before Jeff Koons showed his vacuum cleaners as a claim to fame. It is made by hand with careful craftsmanship to look like a manufactured object.

Sculptures from this series are available for exhibition or purchase
Retail Price: $14,500

8.5" body length x 2.5" diameter x 7" height 

Additional images below


Top View of Everready Working Woman displays the eye shadow compartment on the top.


Everready Working Woman Card designed by artist Harriete Estel Berman to accompany the display of this appliance.


 © Harriete Estel Berman, 1982