dilemma of desire candy box

Heart shaped candy box fabricated from Slim Fast cans, recycled tin cans, aluminum rivets. 
Inside the heart are red thumb-tacks with an "m" that look like red m & m candies. The thumb tacks symbolize all the painful issues surrounding food in our culture of over abundance,  

There is one Dilemma of Desire candy box available (shown below) from a variant edition of ten candy boxes. I've have held back this very special heart shaped box until now.

delimma of desire with flower bow

Each box is unique. 
This Slim Fast heart shaped candy box has a bow with pink flowers. The bow looks soft, but it is made from printed tin cans.

Inside of this candy box shown below the lining is tin cans printed with pink flowers petals and says: "KISSES".  

Thumb tacks are not shown (in the photo below) but are included with the box. In person, they show up much better on this soft pink background than in the original photo. 

dilemma of desire candy KISSES


Dimensions: 5 " x 5" x 1.25" 

This is the last box in the series. Nine of ten boxes sold to private collections.

This sculpture is available for purchase or exhibition. 
Retail Price: $1,195

 © Harriete Estel Berman, 1997