Children Are Not Bulletproof

It is so sad that the meaning behind this work is reflected in our tears.
Two pins (suitable for wearing this political message) and three wall mount elements. 

Alluring from a distance.
Red ribbon cascades down, falling to the floor.
Radiating lines; walk closer.
Letters become words.

"Children are not Bulletproof"
Step back, turn away. How can flowing, red blood be beautiful?
We can not step back from the issues of gun violence.
We can not turn around and forget that innocent children are killed by guns every day. 
Their blood falls to the floor.

Installation Dimensions:  25" height installed (Red ribbon cascades down onto the floor) x 4" width x 2.25" depth.

Materials: Constructed primarily from recycled tin containers. Details include brass, 14k. Gold filled wire, vintage plastic and red satin ribbon.

Availability:This wall piece is available for purchase or exhibition.        

   Retail price: $3,950


 © Harriete Estel Berman, 2000