Bead Bracelet with green edge is available for purchase or exhibitionSee below for a complete description and additional images. 
Retail Price:  $957

See description below. 
Center front bead accent bracelet: Round bracelet from recycled tin cans with domed accents around outside edge. Outside edge is green checker with haystacks, with 9 lavender domed beads. Side is 1.25" thick.


Top side of bracelet is a very attractive mix of subtle complementary colors of purple, green and browns with owl & squirrel in tree.


Inside wrist is a tin from “Cappuccino Cream Wafers in oranges and butter yellow colors. 8-sided  


Reverse side is subtle metallic peaches and grapes.

This is the only bracelet with the domed beads available. It was the genesis for a major piece using the same technigue.

These bracelets are also included in 21st Century Jewelry Book.

I was one of 85 jurors that selected the work for this book. 


An image of these bracelets is included in the book 500 Bracelets curated by Charon KransenLark Books, 2005.

Click on the book image for more information.