This necklace is a commentary about how we create an identity in our consumer society by what we buy, and why we buy it.

The individual beads are constructed from recycled tin cans using the UPC code as a metaphor. The other side is the black and white lines from Penguin Caffeinated Mints. The colored beads used as spacers are varied in color by making them myself from a durable polymer medium.

Two similar though not identical necklaces are available for purchase or exhibition. 

Sterling silver bead catch necklace - Retail price: $5,170
Magnetic catch - Retail price: $5,160

Black and white identity beach necklace close up view of beads

An image of this necklace was featured in 500 Necklaces , Lark Books, 2006. If you are interested in art jewelry necklaces this is a very interesting book.

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Black and White Identity Bead Necklace constructed from recycled tin from post consumer steel cans. Vintage poker chips held with brass tubing. Black and white electrical wire. Spacer beads are polymer clay.  2007
8.5cm height x 21cm width x 4cm depth
Size of each bead 38mm in diameter.

Occasionally, I experiment with the background color in the photography. This same necklace is shown below on blue background and gray background. Tell me what you think.

black white identity bead necklace photographed on blue background
black white identity bead necklace closeup blue background

The next set of photographs show this same necklace on a more traditional gray background.

black white identity bead necklace gray background
black white identity bead necklace gray background close one bead