Chocolate Pot with four cups are constructed from post consumer recycled tin cans. The cups are filled with luscious, foamy, hot chocolate that is a permanent polyester filling.

Look closely to see Chocolate Obsession three dimensional center of vintage chocolate advertising images. 

The top is a fluted design, it reveals amazing details. 


Each quadrant is different. Layers upon layers reveal details as rich as the best chocolate. Everything is constructed from recycled tin cans.


The layers are not flat. Many different brands and colors of chocolate advertising fills the center of the chocolate pot. 
The next images show the phases of the chocolate moon. The handles shape and details are worth examining closely.


Many different brand names of chocolate serve as inspiration. Most of the tin cans are no longer available. I find them by accident at yard sales and flea markets. Sometimes mail me tins.

Materials: Recycled post consumer tin cans. resin, 10k gold rivets, brass and stainless steel screws.

20" H x 15.5"W

Permanent Collection of the Kamm Teapot Foundation

Chocolate Cups — Whitman’s & Godiva                                   

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen         

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen         

Godiva cup: 6” height   x 5 5/8” diameter base   x   3.75” width at top   

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen       

Photo Credit: Philip Cohen       

Whitman’s cup: 6” height x 4.5” diameter base x  4.75” width at top                                            

Two chocolate cups constructed using post-consumer recycled tin cans from chocolate products. Cups filled with luscious “hot chocolate” that is actually polyester resin. The foamy chocolate is permanently scrumptious. 

These cups represent a tour-de-force of design and skill working with tin cans. They are so beautiful, I often take them out for display.

Materials: recycled tin cans, polyester, 10k gold and aluminum rivets, brass and stainless steel screws.
Originally constructed in 2003, Photographed 2015.

Retail Price:  $1,985 (for set of the two cups)



 © Harriete Estel Berman, 2003