This necklace is available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price: $1,875

Necklace made of laminated plastic with vintage glass beads to mimic UPC code. This necklace is a full page image in the new book Art Jewelry Today 2  by Jeffry B. Snyder by Schiffer Publishing, 2008. 

Amazing magnetic clasp constructed from pre-printed steel from post consumer tin containers, brass tubing, magnets.

First necklace in a new series of necklaces that I am currently working on about identity in our consumer society. Each of these necklaces includes carefully constructed bar code elements which take a tremendous amount of time to construct with thin lines of black and white plastic in each element. This is just like UPC code.

The spacers are usually made from calculators and cell phones buttons. Doesn't it seem that our cell phones or PDA are becoming part of our identity that travels with us whereever we go? 

Each necklace unique.

Similar necklaces in the series will be approximately the same price range.

© Harriete Estel Berman, 2007