The cube is a feminist response to minimalist sculpture, and the foundation of quilt patterns.

The names for the quilt patterns contribute important content to the work. In this pedestal the quilt pattern Baby Block was used as a metaphor.
It is so hard to be creative when your taking care of small children. There is no moment in the day unused and the effort required to take care small children and a house is exhausting. Child rearing is unappreciated and underpaid in our modern age.  

Materials: Printed steel from vintage doll houses, folded and fabricated using the traditional quilt pattern titled Baby Block.

12" height, width, depth          Photo Credit: Philip Cohen

Baby Block to Creativity is available for exhibition or for purchase. 
Retail Price: $4,900


Baby Block to Creativity is in the book Manufractured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects by Mara Holt Skov and Steven Skov Holt. 

An entire chapter of the book features my work. CLICK on the title or the book to see more information about this fabulous book.