berman art jewelry bracelets botticelli, van gogh, renoirc

(Left to right)  Botticelli’s Venus on the Half Shell Art Jewelry Bracelet, Van Gogh’s Starry Night Art Jewelry Bracelet and Renoir’s A Young Girl Reading Art Jewelry Bracelet.  All bracelets and frame constructed from recycled tin cans.

berman art jewelry bracelts with frame

This photo shows the back of three art jewelry bracelets. (Left to right) Botticelli Bracelet says "Museum Reproduction,”  Van Gogh Bracelet says "ART Masterpiece to decorate Your hoMe" and Renoir bracelets says "Museum Art."

This series is about:

  • the concept of art jewelry
  • the irony of how famous and incredible paintings are made into souvenirs sold in the museum gift shops
  • how famous painting are printed on tin cans as an indication of good taste          

In this jewelry series there are seven bracelets that can be added, changed moved, or removed from the magnetic display and worn.  The center is a reflective metallic steel tin can. The frame is embossed metallic gold tin can, cut, folded, and riveted together. Steel and brass screws, aluminum rivets, 10k gold rivets.

Dimensions of frame:  10.5" height   x   23" width   x   1.25" depth

Bracelets in this art jewelry series were fabricated from recycled tin cans using a hydraulic press into CAD-CAM form fabricated during Artist Residency with the SIGGRAPH Digital Conference. 

Retail Price:   $12,500 for the frame and seven bracelets. 

Britto Art Jewelry Bracelet

Britto Art reproduction, Reverse side: “Original", "Genuine Original"
Materials: Recycled tin cans, 10k gold rivets.


Degas Art Jewelry Bracelet

Degas painting reproduction "Woman Brushing Her Hair". Reverse side: “Original", "Art"  
Materials: Recycled tin cans, 10k gold rivets, brass


Alphonse Mucha "La Plume" Art Jewelry Bracelet

Alphonse Mucha "La Plume" reproduction on tinReverse side "Passion”    
Materials: Recycled tin cans, 10k gold rivets


Carl Larsson "Girl In Black" Art Jewelry Bracelet

Carl Larsson "Girl in Black" reproduction on tin. Reverse side: “The finest Museum Art”, “Quality Color Reproduction”
Materials: recycled tin cans, 10k gold rivets, brass rivets