Reaching Through the Window of Infinite Myths sculpture by Harriete Estel Berman

Reaching Through the Window of Domestic Myths is a hand fabricated construction using traditional metalsmithing skills to create a one of a kind sculpture that looks like a manufactured appliance. This is not a found object. I thought it was important to hand fabricate this with precise skill as a commentary about value in our consumer society. Think about how we covet manufactured objects to create our identity.

The copper construction has a lacquer paint finish, sterling silver hinges, and latch. Door opens to reveal interior view consisting of etched copper floor, and stairs. Inside the door is a painted sky, and brass fan which operates via wind-up mechanism.

8.5" height x 4" width x 4"depth

Available for purchase or exhibition.
Retail Price: $4,600 

Inspiration behind Reaching Through the Window of Domestic Myths

old ad for monitor top refrigerator

The sculpture Reaching Through the Window of Domestic Myths is modeled after the monitor top refrigerator. Refrigerators were one of the first manufactured appliances that started to arrive in most homes. It replaced an ice box which required a great deal of effort and monitoring to replace the ice, and throw away the melting water. Look at the form. It looks a lot like the ice boxes with a motor placed on top.

Early appliances were sold as saving money.